RockBats - RB 174L Series

Based on the traditional G174 model used by Jason Giambi.  We re-designed this shape to have a more durable handle and increased the balance toward the hands for faster bat speed - Jason first used this re-designed RockBat model in the 2011 season. 

This is our LAMINATED design that has Hickory in the core of the handle, and Basswood in the core of the barrel.  Hickory is a percentage stronger and heavier than maple, therefore, this Laminated design is a percentage stronger in the handle - and the bat is more balanced toward the hands compared to the original G174.  The lightweight Basswood in the barrel is significantly lighter weight than maple, thus making the barrel end much lighter to swing - resulting in increased bat speed, compared to the same bat shape in solid-wood.

Our Laminated RockBats are BBCOR certified - and appear on the official List of Approved BBCOR Bats for High School and NCAA use. 

Every Laminated RockBat has a proprietary "grainy-finish" on the barrel that offers more "bite" on the ball - nearly every black RockBat used by Major League players has this grainy finish.

Be sure to review our Quality Warranty -  click here.    We CAN assure professional-grade wood and quality craftsmanship in our RockBats, because we can control the quality that we send out.   However, if we send out bats with professional-grade wood, we cannot warranty against breakage.  Please click on the above link to understand what our Quality Warranty covers - and to also understand what is a replaceable bat.

Bat Dimensions

Barrel Size: Large
Handle Size: Thin
Knob Design: Small Knob
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$109.95 - RB 174L (Laminated - BBCOR)

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