ASH RockBats


Model RB 174A LITE - 32" or 33"

$48.00 - ASH RockBat Model 174A - LITE


The ASH Model RB 174A LITE has the same barrel diameter as our popular Model 331, and the same handle diameter as our Model 271.  This will be a super-balanced bat, especially because we offer this promotion with our lightweight ASH wood -  will result in bats weighing -4 and lighter.

We are offering special pricing on these ASH bats because we (a) have over 250 ASH blanks in inventory that are all lightweight, (b) we only offer these as RAW finish as shown below, and the graphics are as shown below - logo and barrel printing only  (no personalized engraving, no stripe at 18").    NOTE:  this offer is for the Model 174A LITE -  the bat shown below is a Model 331, which is displayed only to show the graphics you can expect.